News: BTB Hockey Live Mock Draft

If you missed our announcement on Twitter earlier in the week we’ll be putting together our second annual NHL first round mock draft. This year we’ll, of course, have hosts Chad DeDominics and Bill Schake. They’ll be joined by BTB Amateur Scout Contributor Spencer DeWolfe and BTB NHL Scout Brandon Share-Cohen

The four were given the teams they’ll be responsible for making the selections throughout round one as well as facilitating trades. You can join us live this year on Periscope via Twitter on the Beyond The Blade Twitter page (@BTBHockey). If you can’t join us live, no worries. We’ll post the content after on all of our platforms as well as the results of the mock draft.

Date: Sunday, June 11th

Time: 6:00 PM EST

Where: Periscope via Twitter @BTBHockey

Team Responsibilities

Chad DeDominicis (@C_DeDominicis10):

NJ (1) | DET (9) | CAR (12) | BUF (8) | PIT (31) |NYI (15) | EDM (22)

Bill Schake (@billschake):

LV (6) | CHI (26) | WPG (13) | OTT (28) | TOR (17) | PHI (2) | LA (11)

Spencer DeWolfe (@SDeWolfe26):

CBJ (24) | MON (25) | COL (4) | TB (14) | CGY (16) | AZ (7/23)

Brandon Share-Cohen (@BShareCohen):

VAN (5) | FLA (10) | SJ (19) | DAL (3/27) | BOS (18) | NYR (21)


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